Our hardware division is stuffed with well trained, highly qualified and talented professionals to meet all the hardware requirements of our customers. This division is equipped to the manufacturing of customised desktops, networking, servicing, sales of branded desktops, notebooks and laptops and peripheral development. We extend the peripheral warranty which the manufacturers of each peripheral we use to the customers. We believe in the policy of transparency in all our activities. We will inform the peripheral warranty terms at the time of order placing.


Our software division is engaged in the activities of web development, web site management, web site updating, graphic designing, software customisation, educational product development, educational hardware-software synchronisation, video shooting, video editing, web streaming, live streaming, photo shoot, CAD designing, application development, promo making, remote office system, digital printing solutions, web magazine publishing, newsletter designing, making and publishing and software development and software sales.

Quality Norms

Quality of products and services for all our products and services are assured. We believe in maximum satisfaction to all our customers. We are here to protect the interests of our customers.

Service Norms

In order to give maximum satisfaction to all our customers, our hardware and software divisions shall be extending maximum attention in giving prompt after sales service at door step if needed.

Pricing Policy

We believe in transparency. Hence our pricing policy also will be transparent. Real end and reality centric pricing policy shall be followed at all times. We believe in lesser exploitation in our deals.

Social Orientation

The company spend all its profit for the education of poor kids, treatment of the poor and destitute, rehabilitation of disabled and aged and supporting the old in need by offering shelter and comfort.


Our team is quite capable to undertake the designing of both hardware and software requirements of our customers. We are also equipped to undertake still and video designing activities also.


Both our hardware and software divisions are committed to develop both hardware and software requirements of our esteemed channel partners strictly in accordance with the approved design.


We are bound to execute the tasks entrusted with us based on the designs and products developed in accordance with the approved design in a time bound manner. For us time is money.